Strengthen the spirit of enlightenment by Geshe Lobsang Tsondu

Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10

The seventh, eighth and ninth chapters explain how to increase and strengthen the spirit of enlightenment, while the tenth chapter shows us how to dedicate the merit that has been created for the happiness and freedom from suffering of all living beings.

(September 1 - December 31)

Chapter 7 identifies what is meant by enthusiastic effort and why it is important to persevere in this way. It describes the attitudes that prevent us from developing the ability to engage in positive actions with enthusiasm—the tendency to delay, attachment to trivial activities and discouragement—and how to overcome them. The author then explains the factors that help us develop enthusiastic effort which are a belief in the value of what we are doing, inner stability, joy and temporarily leaving aside the activity in which we are engaged when we are tired in order to restore our energy.

Chapter 8 is about the practice of concentration. It explains how to overcome the factors that prevent the development of concentration and the way to stop physical and mental busyness. Shantideva combines this with the method of developing and strengthening the spirit of enlightenment through the practice of equalizing and exchanging self and others which is one of the two main techniques used and which is frequently combined with the other.

Chapter 9: Ven. Geshe Sonam Rinchen La will teach the following topics from this chapter: the reasons, in brief, why it is essential to develop the understanding of emptiness; a concise presentation of the two truths from the Svantantrika-Madhyamika and Prasangika-Madhyamika points of view with emphasis on the way they are divided and their identity; the need for even those who wish only to gain liberation from cyclic existence to understand emptiness; the reasoning that establishes selflessness of persons; the reasoning that establishes the selflessness of other phenomena, drawing on close placement of mindful attention on the body, feelings, the mind and other phenomena.

Chapter 10: in this chapter Shantideva dedicates the virtue created to act as a cause for the well-being of others, for his own future well-being in order to benefit others and for the teachings of the Buddha that are an unparalleled source of happiness for living beings to remain and spread in the world. He takes to mind those born in the bad states of existence, those born as humans who are sick or destitute or whose situation is in some way perilous and prays for their safety and the relief of their suffering. He also prays for the success and happiness of all.

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